Michelle Duggar: Daughters More Victimized Now Than Before

In an interview with Megyn Kelly of Fox News, matriarch Michelle Duggar indicated that the current media hubbub surrounding revelations of sexual misconduct has proven more victimizing than the original incidents. Josh Duggar, son of Michelle and Jim Bob, has admitted to fondling five girls when he was 14 years old. Among those he touched were his sisters.


In the interview with Fox, the Duggars indicated that their family had considered the incident long resolved. What has been news to the rest of the world has been an old wound to their family, one that has been reopened recently in the most public manner. From the Associated Press:

The couple criticized the leaking of police records on the case as “an unprecedented attack on our family” that should be investigated.

Michelle Duggar said her daughters “have been victimized more by what has happened in the last couple of weeks than they were 12 years ago because, honestly, they didn’t even understand and know that anything had happened until after the fact when they were told about it.”

Amidst criticism of the Duggars has been much expressed concern for the victims of Josh. Little thought appears to have been given to the effect of piling on the family now. This is something that happened over a decade ago between minor children, and yet has been heralded as if Josh were an active pedophile. According to the family, any damage done all those years ago has only been exasperated by the modern frenzy.



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