TAX CHEAT? Did Joe Biden Fail to Report the $50,000/Month in Rent Hunter Claimed He Paid? [UPDATED]

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UPDATE: We’ve learned that it’s possible Joe wasn’t underreporting his rent and that Hunter may have been even more stoned than we thought. Turns out, he may have reported his quarterly office rent as his monthly home rent, and that’s pretty druggy.


A Twitter user named “Truth Ninja” claims:

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: It looks like somebody might be a tax cheat, and the question is whether it’s Presidentish Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden — or both.

On the Schedule E portion of his 2017 tax forms, Joe Biden reported $19,800 in “rents received,” and none in 2018, according to information reported on Sunday by Breitbart’s Wendell Husebø.

But when filling out a background check, Hunter Biden claimed to pay a specific $49,910 rent each month to his dad from March 2017 to February 2018. This is the same home where classified documents were recently found stacked in the garage. Biden the Younger spent about a year — during part of his drugged-out times — renting (?) Biden the Elder’s Wilmington, Del., home following his divorce from Kathleen Biden.

Kathleen filed for divorce after learning that (among other women, including an Arkansas stripper who gave birth to Hunter’s unacknowledged daughter in 2018) Hunter was having an affair with his dead brother Beau’s widow, Hallie.


No, this is not an episode of Dynasty. This is the family life of the Most Powerful Man in the World™. The whole clan is so wrapped up in a nasty web of sex, money, and inappropriate showers between Père and his “hyper-sexualized” young daughter that it’s easy to get lost.

We were talking about Joe Biden’s tax problem, weren’t we? Here’s the form Hunter filled out:

Joe Biden, Tax Cheat?

You should know that Joe Biden’s Wilmington home “is currently valued at $1,380,800 by real estate website” and has an estimated rental value of about $7,600 per month.

If you’re thinking, “Hunter must have been on drugs to pay six and a half times what that place is worth!” And, of course, Hunter was on drugs.

But at the same time Hunter Biden was self-documenting his antics with various drugs and Russian prostitutes, he was being paid about $50,000 per month by Burisma, the corrupt Ukraine energy giant.

Maybe the board at Burisma mistook Hunter for a productive employee in the same way Hunter once mistook a small piece of parmesan cheese for a crack rock and tried to smoke it. Or, more likely, Hunter Biden was a convenient conduit to Joe Biden.

There’s more than one way to kick back 10% to “the Big Guy,” and making vastly inflated rent payments is certainly one of them.

If a son wants to pay his dad too much rent — for any reason — that’s one thing. But if dad doesn’t report those earnings to the IRS, that’s a very different thing. It’s called “being a tax cheat.”


It’s entirely possible that Hunter lied on the screening form about the rent he paid. Although if ApplyCheck had asked for receipts, that would have brought to a screeching halt whatever Hunter was trying to do with them.

The mainstream media was awfully interested in President Donald Trump’s tax returns, right up until we learned that he paid a lot of taxes when he made a lot of money and didn’t pay much in taxes when he lost money. That’s when the long-simmering story was suddenly neglected like yesterday’s cold oatmeal.

There’s a lot more meat on the bones of the Biden Dynasty Chronicles. Let’s see if the press digs its teeth in or not.

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