'Five O'Clock Somewhere' Live Chat with Kruiser, VodkaPundit, Special Guest(s) - Replay Available

Greetings VIP Gold members, and maybe even a few VIP Gold-curious non-members.

There’s nothing wrong with being VIP Gold-curious. Kruiser and I even encourage that kind of thing. We’ve created a safe space for people who need one, and we never, ever judge.*

Anyway, on this week’s “Five O’Clock Somewhere” we have not one, but two special guests eager to sit in the Seat of Uncomfortable Ecstasy.

Or at least we think they’re eager. We try not to let them know we call it that until they’ve already committed to be on the show.

All I can tell you right now is: They’re both great guests, we’ve had them on the show before, and you love them as much as we do. Maybe more.

See you Thursday — can’t wait!

*We totally judge.


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