Despite Nation's Highest Vaccination Rate, Vermont Setting New COVID Case Record... And So What?

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With 79% of all adults fully vaccinated, little Vermont has the best-protected residents of any state in the union — so why is the Green Mountain State about to set a new COVID case record?

And should anyone care?

The latest CDC numbers from USA Facts show that on Tuesday, Vermont recorded 208 new cases of Wuhan Flu, not much shy of the record 248 set on April 1 — and the cases are trending up.

There’s something wrong with this picture, but it might not be what you think.

First off, Fauci has been wrong about pretty much everything. Even when he’s been right, he changes his mind so often (without admitting any error, natch) that that safest thing to do is exactly what millions of Americans have already done: Tune Fauci out.

Secondly, “cases” is a trash metric and everyone ought to know that by now.

The Delta variant is even more contagious than the original strain of COVID-19, but it’s less deadly — particularly among the vaccinated. (This is a point we’ll get back to shortly.)

The only two indicators that really matter for Delta are the hospitalization rate and the death rate.

So what then is Vermont’s hospitalization rate while Delta rampages through the population?

Six per 100,000.


That means there are fewer than 40 people currently hospitalized in Vermont with COVID. That’s with COVID not necessary from COVID, and given what we know, it’s a sure thing that those hospitalized suffer from more than one comorbidity.

That’s up a scary-sounding 18% in recent weeks due to Delta, but how scary is it really?

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The Delta variant has apparently pushed up the number of Vermonters hospitalized with COVID from about 30 to about 36 on any given day.

As PJ Media readers learned last week, even hospitalization numbers “could be grossly misleading.”

“We also know that overcrowding of hospitals by COVID patients with even mild illness can have negative implications for patients in need of other care,” David Zweig of The Atlantic writes. “At the same time, this study suggests that COVID hospitalization tallies can’t be taken as a simple measure of the prevalence of severe or even moderate disease, because they might inflate the true numbers by a factor of two.”

Now that we know even Vermont’s tiny hospitalization figure is probably overblown, what about that death rate?

Brace yourself for some scary numbers.


Vermont’s seven-day average deaths from COVID is one.

Sad to say, but there was one poor soul in Windham County whose death could be at least partly attributed to the Wuhan Bat Flu. You know, the super-duper-deadly-killer germ that has the Karens’ panties wadded into such tight knots that not even Casanova could remove them.

The even better news is that the COVID vaccines do seem to be working pretty well.

Just like its vaccination rate, Vermont’s deaths-per-100k rate is the best in the nation. Mississippi has nearly the lowest vaccination rate, and the worst death rate.

If you’ll follow that last link and this one, too, you’ll see that statewide vaccination rates almost perfectly track with statewide death rates.

Masks and lockdowns don’t seem to matter much, if at all.

Granting that death rates from COVID are inflated, take all that into account when making your own risk assessment about whether to get the jab (or the second jab).

While vaccines can’t necessarily stop anything as contagious as the Delta variant, they do a great job of reducing hospitalization and deaths — which is probably exactly why the Government-COVID Panic Complex is so eager to inflate numbers of both.

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