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Greetings, one and all, from your Friendly Neighborhood VodkaPundit.

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The next time you hear my voice — along with my esteemed colleagues Bryan Preston and Stephen Kruiser — we’ll all be living under the Biden administration.

We’ll have mask mandates, another couple of trillion in debt, Communist Chinese sycophants in positions of great authority, a groping doter in the Oval Office, a scheming veep, DOCTOR Jill Biden’s ventriloquist act, and so much more — and that’s all in the first week.

It’s Mourning in America.

You’re going to need some good cheer, probably served up with a side of lovely adult beverages.

You’ve come to the right place.

The live chat’s infamous “Ask Us Anything” format remains unchanged, so hit us with your best shot.

See you Thursday!


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