Today's Insanity Wrap: Racism Comes to Reddit, CAREN Comes for 911 Callers

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Reddit, barely a week after purging the Donald Trump community and 2,000 other subreddits for racism or offensive content, will no longer allow “any content that shows POC [persons of color] as the aggressor.”


Human Events managing editor Ian Miles Cheong noticed the new policy going into effect late Tuesday night.

Reddit Racism

Oh, sweet irony — reverse racism is still racism, or at least that’s what I was taught.

“In case you think that post was fake or posted by a troll,” Cheong added, “it’s not.” Apparently the notice came from “the r/JusticeServed automoderator bot — so a moderator (or team) on the community’s staff put it up.”

Here’s a screencap of the announcement, grabbed by Cheong.

Why a screencap? Because as Cheong also noticed, the official announcement was “removed because all the replies were negative.”

Reddit Racism Cowards

So I guess it’s safe to conclude two things: Reddit users are much more sensible than management is, and Reddit management doesn’t even have the courage of their hypocrisy.

Beyond Racism: Reddit Quarantines Pro-Trump Subreddit; Does Nothing to Group Advocating White Genocide

Moscow’s international propaganda outlet, Russia Today (or RT) is having a field day with Reddit’s decision, collecting some of the best responses from upset Reddit users:

“In your pursuit of anti-racism, you’ve managed to become racists yourselves.”

“Is this satire? It has got to be right? Literally big brother didn’t go to this extent.”

“We can tell our kids we remember a time when they started shutting down the truth.”

Maybe Reddit is just trying to draw attention away from the fact that the company’s former CEO, Ellen Pao, just admitted she (and everyone else in the jet-set) knew about Ghislaine Maxwell’s (alleged!) underage sex trafficking on behalf of the late Jeffrey Epstein.


But we’re not yet done with today’s leftist insanity.

In Democrat-dominated San Francisco, it seems the racism problem is so out of control that they’re going to make it illegal to break the law.

No, I’m not kidding.

Shamann Walton of the city’s board of supervisors has introduced the CAREN Act making it illegal to make false racist 911 calls.

Yes, it’s really called “CAREN.” As in, “Shut up, Karen.”

Not all are as amused as I am.

The irony in this case is that it’s already illegal, everywhere, to make a false emergency call.


In California, the penalties for doing so are pretty stiff, even without additional legislation.

According to California attorney Greg Hill, the “California Penal Code § 148.5 makes it illegal to make a report of a crime (felony or misdemeanor), while knowing the report is false, to a police officer, district attorney or any employee designated to accept such reports (i.e. 911 operator).”

Placing a fake call is a misdemeanor offense with fines and penalties totaling up to almost $4,500, according to his firm’s website.

If the CAREN Act passes — and there’s little reason to think that it won’t — making a false racism 911 call will be extra illegal, to the tune of an additional $1,000.

But it’s a little more complicated than a city imposing a simple fine on those who have been found to have made a fake 911 call with racist malice in their hearts.

According to USA Today, the CAREN Act “will also allow individuals harmed by these calls to sue for damages up to $1,000.”

So if I’m reading this correctly, what the CAREN Act actually does is open up an entirely new realm of frivolous annoyance lawsuits. It’s easy to predict that CAREN might lead to a chilling effect on people making legitimate 911 calls for fear of ending up in court.

That’s enough racism for one day, so how about some sexism?

On the sexism front… well, I can’t put it any better than this Guardian headline:


“‘Upward-thrusting buildings ejaculating into the sky’ – do cities have to be so sexist?”

This comes to us via Leslie Kern, who has a new book out explaining that the very shapes of cities are sexist.

I bet she’s against suburban sprawl, too, which leaves the question: If we can’t build up and we can’t spread out, where are we going to put all the people?

Don’t answer that: I already know they just want us dead.

While taping the Right Angle video podcast with Bill Whittle and Scott Ott yesterday, I jokingly asked if we’d finally reached peak stupid for 2020. And Bill laughed and said, “We haven’t even reached peak stupid for July.”

I can’t argue with that, can you?

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