Twitter Permanently Bans 'GayPatriot' Bruce Carroll, Cites Kafka for Precedent

OK, so I made up the part about Kafka, but I just had to send a mini-missive to Twitter Support and to CEO Jack Dorsey this morning.


In case you don’t know what’s going on here…

…Bruce Carroll, aka GayPatriot, conservative policy dude, all around good guy, and a friend of mine…

Twitter suspended his account last week, giving no reason. A bunch of us raised a a stink about it, so Twitter today finally gave a non-reason. Management claimed in an email to Bruce, without citing any examples, that he had engaged in “hateful conduct.” Whatever that means. Twitter’s email also announced that they had permanently banned Bruce’s account, and his backup account, and that they “will not be restored.”

In other words, Bruce had been 86’d-for-life from the “social” media site to which he’d lent so much humor and spark.

I think the reason for his suspension is that Bruce is gay and puts up with no progressive bullshit. Like a whiter, gayer, and (I assume) not nearly as rich Kanye West, the Left can’t tolerate any minority who fails to hew to their orthodoxy. And the far-left progressives who run Twitter simply can’t allow a voice to minorities who stray from the plantation — certainly not with an election just around the corner.

If this weren’t the case, Twitter could certainly have shared with Bruce his offending tweets and allowed him to delete them — just as they have when leftists have engaged in actual “hateful conduct,” like threatening to murder Dana Loesch’s children. Instead, Twitter sided with the mob and shut Bruce out.


Uh-oh. I used the M-word. I hope I don’t get suspended for that if any lefty tweeps are reading my blog.

You might ask, “Why not just give up Twitter?” I’ve asked myself that very same thing over the years, and while I don’t use the platform nearly as much as I used to, I’ve never been able to give it up completely. That’s because so long as Twitter remains the Left’s favorite outlet for self-aggrandizement and (most importantly) self-beclownment, then we’ve got to stay engaged with it. Even if sometimes all we can do is call them out on their “inclusivity” B.S.

I don’t usually ask for retweets — I just throw stuff up against the wall and whatever sticks, sticks. But if you’re on Twitter, please RT this and maybe there’s some small chance of getting Bruce’s account reinstated. He’s a good man to have in the fight, and Twitter, unfortunately, is one of our battlegrounds.


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