Introducing Pizza Hut's Robot Waiter

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“Pepper” is being tested in Asia, but seems destined to head toward our shores someday:

The service will have Mastercard’s digital payment service MasterPass as the core and Pizza Hut, the first brand to come on board to test the service, aims to trial Pepper over the next few months with the goal for it to be live in-store in Asian restaurants by the end of 2016.

Tobias Puehse, vice president, innovation management, digital payments and labs at MasterCard, said: “Consumers have come to expect personalized service, customized offers and simple and seamless processes both in-store and online. The app’s goal is to provide consumers with more memorable and personalized shopping experience beyond today’s self-serve machines and kiosks, by combining Pepper’s intelligence with a secure digital payment experience via MasterPass.”

Pepper will be programmed to launch on greeting, or when activated via a QR code or once the MasterPass has been activated within the app. Pepper will give personalised offers and suggestions, as well as helping with checking out and paying.

The idea is to reduce the friction and waiting time for customers, particularly in restaurants where high turnover is needed. Similarly, the data-led personalisation will theoretically help restaurants and stores add more value to each transaction by adding in additional sales.


And I bet Pepper costs significantly less than $15 an hour to operate.


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