Russian Programers Writing Pentagon Software [UPDATED]

UPDATE: I didn’t read this thing nearly carefully enough, which I pin on the codeine cough syrup I’m on.

Taking the rest of the day off before I do or write something seriously stupid.

Good lord:

The Pentagon was tipped off in 2011 by a longtime Army contractor that Russian computer programmers were helping to write computer software for sensitive U.S. military communications systems, setting in motion a four-year federal investigation that ended this week with a multimillion-dollar fine against two firms involved in the work.

The contractor, John C. Kingsley, said in court documents filed in the case that he discovered the Russians’ role after he was appointed to run one of the firms in 2010. He said the software they wrote had made it possible for the Pentagon’s communications systems to be infected with viruses.


Programing our comms.

Totally believable incompetence and malfeasance from the Administration devoted to “not doing stupid shit.”

Those least responsible should be charged with criminal negligence. Next up the line, treason. And impeachment for anyone whose office currently makes them immune to treason charges.