Wild Siri/Google Now Security Risk


One of the new features in iOS 9 is the ability to train Siri to only recognize your voice so your phone doesn’t respond to commands from just anybody. According to a report from Wired, though, a pair of researchers at ANSSI—a French government agency—have figured out a way to use radio waves to silently activate Siri or Android’s Google Now from across the room.

The hack only works if the target device has Siri or Google Now enabled, and has headphones or earbuds plugged in that also have a microphone. Wired explains, “Their clever hack uses those headphones’ cord as an antenna, exploiting its wire to convert surreptitious electromagnetic waves into electrical signals that appear to the phone’s operating system to be audio coming from the user’s microphone.”

In theory, the attack could be used to anything you can do using the Siri or Google Now voice interaction.

This doesn’t look like anything to get all worked up about any time soon.