FBI Seizes Clinton Backup

(Image courtesy Datto, Inc.)

(Image courtesy Datto, Inc.)

On 60 Minutes last night, President Obama said the worries over Hillary’s email server had been “ginned up.”

But for now at least, the FBI seems to have a slightly less cavalier attitude about the whole affair:

Platte River Networks has already given the FBI the server Clinton maintained as secretary of state. Now, the small IT firm will hand over a separate device manufactured by a Connecticut-based company called Datto Inc.

“The data device is a simple device that sat next to the server,” Platte River spokesman Andy Boian told TheDC in a phone interview.

Platte River, which was contracted to work on Clinton’s email account in May 2013 and hired Datto shortly after, used a Datto SIRIS S2000 to provide a cloud-based virtual backup of Clinton’s physical server, which it housed in a New Jersey data center.

In all fairness to the former Secretary of State, who seems to be ignorant about tech issues, deleting stuff from the cloud is hard.