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Career counselor. (Image courtesy AVN/Wikipedia)

Career counselor.
(Image courtesy AVN/Wikipedia)

A Rockland County Christian college softball coach is being sued for trying to turn his female players into porn stars:

Kurt Ludwigsen, 44, was arrested in April for improper sexual conduct with his Nyack College players, but lawsuits filed by three of his players reveals scandalous new information about his cocky coaching.

“The outrageous conduct of Ludwigsen includes, without limitation, routinely licking his players’ ears, kissing their lips and faces, slapping their buttocks, grabbing their breasts, [and] directing them to sit on his lap,” the Manhattan federal court lawsuits state.

Ludwigsen also harassed and assaulted the young co-eds by, “inviting a pornographic actress known as Allie Haze to practice and directing students to life counselling sessions with her, [and] directing an underage drinking outing where his players were instructed to dress in cocktail dresses and dance with male strangers and offering to assist players to attain employment in the adult entertainment industry.”

Please tell me you know you’re not supposed to do even one little bit of that.