Advisor to Clinton: Lawyer Up

"Higher, like baby we couldn't get much?"

“Higher, like baby we couldn’t get much?”

A “trusted” legal adviser to Bill and Hillary Clinton has told the New York Post that they have urged Hillary to hire a criminal defense attorney in the wake of Emailgate.


The adviser, who has been a Clinton confidant for more than 30 years, laid out his concerns about Hillary’s legal exposure in a wide-ranging interview.

“This e-mail thing is spiraling out of control,” he said. “To paraphrase John Dean of Watergate fame, it’s a cancer on her candidacy.

“Frankly,” he continued, “I am used to my advice on legal matters being taken very seriously and acted upon by the Clintons. I’ve told them repeatedly that this FBI e-mail investigation could go in a very dangerous direction very quickly.

“I think Bill takes the matter seriously. But Hillary is still acting as though it’s a political smear job by right-wing zealots.”

It’s a very short list of candidates for the Post’s “oldest and most trusted” source within the Clinton camp.

Anyone here care to take a stab at who it might be?