Florida Heat

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And it’s on!

Allahpundit has today’s best take on Jeb versus Marco:

Here’s the clip [above], the funniest part of which comes when Bush is challenged to say directly whether he thinks Rubio has the skills to fix things. For a moment he seems to grasp for a politic way of saying no without actually saying it, and then he just says it — and seems almost surprised that he did. You’d see the exact same look on the face of a “sensitive dad from a contemporary sitcom” upon getting into a fight and suddenly finding himself landing a hard right to his opponent’s jaw. He didn’t know he had it in him! That’s the first clip. The second is of Trump calling BS — really — on the Bush/Rubio friendship. Exit question: Should we start a pool on when Jeb drops out and endorses Rubio as the only man in the race with the skills to fix things? I’ll take the day after the Florida primary.

Not a chance I’ll take that bet against Allah, unless he’s willing to give me Jeb and 15 points. The latest poll still has Trump on top, but second place Rubio beats Bush by eight points — a number which seems likely to increase in a state where both men are already well known. And if Trump does end up slipping, Carson and Fiorina seem much more likely than Bush (or anyone else) to pick up the slack.

Rubio still worries me — has he learned his lesson on immigration, and has he grown up any since letting Chuck Schumer take his lunch money over it? But I’m certainly not going to weep over Jeb’s troubles.