Colorado Governor Backing Away from Hillary

"Blunt?  What, like a marijuana cigaret or something?"

“Blunt? What, like a marijuana cigaret or something?”

There’s daylight showing between Hillary Clinton and Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper — who had quietly endorsed the former SecState back in July, but now feels the need for some blunt talk about her chances.

From the Denver Post:

Gov. John Hickenlooper on Thursday became the latest Hillary Clinton supporter to express doubt about her candidacy for president, telling a Denver audience that the 2016 election is “kind of grim, to be blunt.”

Unlike most Republican candidates, Hickenlooper said he believes Clinton has the necessary background needed to run the country.

“But,” he added quickly, “I don’t know where this whole thing is going to go in terms of her … (e-mail) server and whether there is something in there that is really going to turn out to have broken the law — which I think would be the death knell.”

But Clinton did break the law, as Ken Cuccinelli explained earlier this week:

According to Cuccinelli, Clinton knowingly set up her e-mail system to route 100 percent of her e-mails to and through her unsecured server. And, although Clinton states that none of the emails were marked as “classified,” Cuccinelli argues that as secretary of state she knew that “the marking is not what makes the material classified; it’s the nature of the information itself.”

While it is possible for a private residence to be an “authorized” location, there are specific and severe requirements to achieve such status and Cuccinelli says that there is no known evidence that Clinton received the proper authorization.

The question remains whether Clinton will be charged or not.

At this point Hillary simply must win the White House, or the FBI might catch up with her before she has the chance to pardon herself.