Sign "O" the Times

Hungary is sending in the Army to combat Middle East immigrants:

“They are overrunning us. They’re not just banging on the door, they’re breaking the door down on top of us,” the right-wing Orban told lawmakers.

“Our borders are in danger, our way of life built on respect for the law, Hungary and the whole of Europe is in danger,” the 52-year-old said in Budapest.

“Europe hasn’t just left its doors open but has sent open invitation… Europe is rich but weak, this is the worst combination, Europe needs to be stronger to defend its borders.”

The new legislation, passed with a two-thirds majority, allows the army to take part in border controls, to restrict personal liberties and to use weapons as long as no loss of life ensues.

Given the nature of Hungary’s current political leadership, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if “no loss of life” was given with a wink and a nod and a tacit implication not to get caught or to make it too obvious.

Just more bitter fruit grown in the soil of inaction.