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Donald Trump and some other famous person. (AP photo)

Donald Trump and some other famous person.
(AP photo)

Matthew Continetti distills Trumpness to its essence in today’s must-read column:

Trump’s media appearances are devoted to analyses of his latest verbal barrages against Mexicans, John McCain, Rosie O’Donnell, Megyn Kelly, and whomever he’s attacking as you read this. The media are far more interested in Trump’s response to another candidate’s response to something Trump said than in, for example, his support for single-payer health care. He drowns out every other candidate, every other subject. As I write, the economy isn’t the biggest issue of 2016. Trump is.

“Hillary Clinton is truly the luckiest person in America right now because of all this Trump noise,” said Joe Scarborough in early August. There’s no doubting the extent of Trump coverage: An analysis of 10 print and electronic publications conducted in July by Time magazine found that “Trump has been mentioned in more articles than all leading Republican presidential candidates except Bush.”


Read the whole thing.

I’ll repeat a question asked here and elsewhere over the last few months: If Trump were a front for Hillary, what exactly would he be doing differently?


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