Twitter Goes After Little Sites to Help Protect Politicians

It’s one thing for Twitter to allow politicians — public officials — to delete tweets just like any other user is able to. But now Twitter is going after sites of public record:


Twitter has shut down a network of sites dedicated to archiving deleted tweets from politicians around the world. The sites — collectively known as Politwoops — were overseen by the Open State Foundation (OSF), which reported that Twitter suspended their API access on Friday, August 21st. Twitter reportedly told the OSF that its decision was the result of “thoughtful internal deliberation and close consideration of a number of factors,” and that the social media site didn’t distinguish between politicians and regular users.

“Imagine how nerve-racking — terrifying, even — tweeting would be if it was immutable and irrevocable?” Twitter reportedly told the OSF. “No one user is more deserving of that ability than another. Indeed, deleting a tweet is an expression of the user’s voice.”

No wonder so many politicians are on Twitter — imagine if they got to edit their own appearances on the nightly news.


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