Your ♡bamaCare!!! Fail of the Day

The Daily Caller has a tough-but-fair appraisal of the massive health insurance overhaul:

Accepting that subsidizing health care for those who cannot afford it is a good idea, why didn’t Congress enact a short and simple bill mandating such means-tested subsidies from the federal treasury? Obviously that would have required Congress to either raise taxes or cut other expenses – both political nonstarters. It was a lot easier to require insurance companies to do the dirty work of shifting costs, leaving the pols to take credit for forcing the big bad insurance companies to do the right thing.

The ACA was over 2000 pages long because, like most legislation now enacted by congress, it is larded with provisions that have nothing to do with affordable health care. The less well off benefit, but so do a whole lot of other interests who managed to influence the hastily drafted act. Indeed the complexity of the act (we all remember what Nancy Polosi said) virtually assures that health care costs will continue to rise for all but those who qualify for subsidies.


That Means It’s Working™


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