The Pursuit of Happiness: Part I

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This is the first of Bill Whittle’s three-part Trifecta on the most important issue of all: Pursuing your own happy.


Forgive the hideous video and audio quality. There were tech issues, possibly with the company — who typically does fine work — who provides the dedicated T1 lines into Scott’s home studio and into mine. Yesterday’s shoot ended up starting an hour late, as Scott and I jury-rigged boxes and whatnot to get laptops in just the right position that we could Skype into the PJTV HQ with our non-dedicated home internet services.

Somehow we got it all done — a testament to Director Dave’s patience and ingenuity.

But really the remarkable thing is that Trifecta just turned six years old, we’ve shot around 1,500 segments, and never once have we had to cancel a shoot due to tech issues, sudden illness, or for any reason at all. That’s a long time to maintain a perfect production record.

But, jeebus, there’s not enough Manly Man Brand TV Makeup for Men™ to cover up the inherent crappiness of a three-way Skype connection.


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