Photographer Subdues Tiger with Weedwhacker

Whack. (Shutterstock image)

(Shutterstock image)

For clarity’s sake, I should tell you right up front that the photographer had the weedwhacker — not the tiger.

The best part? I mean other than the weedwhacker? This unbelievable story took place in a deserted Detroit factory:


Pictures of the wild critters amid the rubble of the infamous Packard ruins were making the rounds online today. The animals, trainers and photographers were given the boot about an hour later.

But not before the tiger got loose and holed itself up on a fourth-story staircase.

“I got a call from a friend who asked me to help them get this tiger out of a staircase,” said Andy Didorosi, 28, of Detroit. “He asked me if I had a leafblower, and I said I had a weedwhacker, so he told me to bring that. … I stopped what I was doing, grabbed my tools and hopped in my truck, because, you know, tiger. …

“I don’t know much about tiger logistics, but we were told to be this huge blue tarp monster with the weedwhacker and try to be scary and make loud noises. That just made him angry. You could say he got tiger rage, so we retreated.”

Folks, I’ve been reading the news on a daily basis for more than 30 years, and I’ve never read anything better than “I don’t know much about tiger logistics.”

Still, you’ve got to wonder how the leaf-blower thing would have worked out.


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