Gone Fishin'


Can’t tell you how much it very nearly sort of pains me not to drunkblog tonight’s GOP debate, but this year’s big camping trip was scheduled months before the debate was.

We’ll be deep in Pike National Forest, probably only 30 or 35 miles away from Casa Verde as the crow flies — but better than three hours away by car. And we’ll be 45 minutes of dirt roads (mind the switchbacks!) away from the nearest 3G cellphone signal, much less anything like an internet connection.

Daytime might reach the mid 70s. The nights drop down to 40, maybe a little less. It rains most afternoons and sometimes a bit of hail — even when there isn’t a cloud in the sky. Those showers are a perfect excuse to prop the tent cot up into chaise lounge mode and pull out the Kindle.

The kids get filthy fast, and stay that way. The adults try harder, but there’s only so much you can do with a plastic shower bag hung from a tree.

At night the drinks are strong, the fire is hot, and the conversation is loud. And you honestly would not believe the stars if you’ve never been up at 10,000 feet, with a mountain range between you and the nearest city lights.

In short, it’s the grownup version of everything I fell in love with about Colorado 35 years ago this summer.

See you Monday.

ALMOST FORGOT: I may be gone, but my new PJ Parenting column is up, subtly titled “CLEAN YOUR M***** F******* ROOM M***** F*****!