Pacific Rim

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America and Japan are going to war again — mecha-style:

At the end of June, MegaBots challenged Suidobashi Heavy Industries to a titanic duel of the titans via YouTube. This past weekend, Suidobashi Heavy Industries accepted.

The MegaBots Mk II has a weight advantage going into the fight, tipping the scales at ~12,000lbs (5,400kg), and it’s packing more firepower, with paintball cannons that fire 3lb (1.4kg) paintballs at high speed. By contrast Kuratas—the Japanese mech—is lighter (8,800lbs/4,000kg) and will require a more suitable load-out for the battle. It’s currently equipped with BB-firing Gatling guns, which may have trouble denting the Mk II’s armor.

In accepting MegaBots’ challenge, Suidobashi’s founder Kogoro Kurata cast shade on the newer robot. “Come on guys,” he said in his video response. “Make it cooler. Just building something huge and sticking guns on it… it’s Super American.”

May the baddest-ass paintball-spewing giant mech win.