Your ♡bamaCare!!! Fail of the Day

Scott Atlas reports that thanks to ♡bamaCare!!! over the next three years, Medicaid/Medicare “coverage” will grow three times faster than private insurance:

This will not improve American health care. Private insurance is superior for both access and quality of care. Reforms should therefore be focused on how to maximize the availability and affordability of private insurance for everyone, regardless of income or employment, rather than put more people into government insurance while causing private insurance to become unaffordable to all but the affluent.

Why is private health insurance so important? Insurance without access to medical care is a sham. And that is where the country is heading. According to a 2014 Merritt Hawkins survey, 55% of doctors in major metropolitan areas refuse new Medicaid patients. The harsh reality awaiting low-income Americans is dwindling access to quality doctors, hospitals and health care.

That Means It’s Working™

I’d add a couple of things.

By 2018, the Administration projects that 135 million Americans will receive Medicare or Medicaid’s questionable benefits. With a population of around 324 million, more than 40% of all Americans will be receiving their health benefits courtesy of the American taxpayer. With an expected 220 million taxpayers, that’s only 1.6 taxpayers per recipient. Of course, that’s assuming that every taxpayer has their own private health insurance — which simply isn’t true; lots of working poor are on Medicaid. They remain however a net drain on the system, meaning those of us taxpayers who aren’t net drain must make up an even greater difference.

And remember, that each one of those working taxpayers is also on the hook for their own health insurance, plus any dependents on their private plans.

Work, in other words, is for suckers.