WiFi Is Not Making People Sick

Killing you softly?

Killing you softly?

It’s the latest medical scare story:

[Suzanne] Hoyt said that nothing prepared her for the rush of symptoms that she suddenly developed.

“Headaches, perspiration, pain in my jaws and my heart. It’s like physical expansion of the heart,” she said.

Hoyt said it all started when she installed wi-fi throughout her apartment.

“I started to be very uncomfortable, and I didn’t know what it was,” she said.

With wi-fi everywhere, from parks to restaurants and taxis it turns out Hoyt is not alone.


“With wi-fi everywhere…”

Stop. Right. There.

Wifi is everywhere. Years ago I had to turn off automatic wifi joining on my iPhone, because it would try to join every network at every house as I drove past in my car. iOS now uses motion detection to turn the feature off while you’re driving, but it isn’t perfect — and it still goes to show that wifi is indeed everywhere.

It’s at your Starbucks, it’s in your office, it’s at your school. It’s in the lobby of your hotel and in the drivethru of your local McDonalds.

WiFi is everywhere.

And yet Suzanne Hoyt claims she only got sick when she put a router in her apartment? Was there something wrong with the wifi that was already in almost every other apartment in her building, many of which were sending their signals right into her kitchen, 24/7?



It’s obvious Hoyt and others have some kind of problem — but the problem isn’t wifi.

It’s everywhere, and it’s been everywhere since about 2006. If you weren’t getting sick then, then wifi isn’t your problem.


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