The Silence of the Pauls

(AP photo)

(AP photo)

Ron Paul doesn’t look like he’ll be headlining many Rand Paul events now that he’s in the race:

Ron Paul, who never had much use for mainstream Republican support and never stood much of a chance at winning the nomination, can be unpredictable. He revels in making provocative statements — which could mean trouble for his son on the campaign trail.

“Ron Paul is a bomb waiting to go off,” said Brian Doherty, an author of a book on the elder Mr. Paul and a journalist for Reason, the libertarian publication. “It would be silly to do this dual campaign thing, and I think they know it. Ron is going to say things that Rand is not going to want to stand behind.”

Ron Paul has said many things that his son would probably rather not be asked about in a presidential run — some as recently as the last few months.

Rand has enough of his own problems now, he doesn’t need Ron going off, too.