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The Best Little Whorehouse in Deutschland

Longtime Sharp VodkaPundit Readerâ„¢ Tombstone tipped me off to an exciting new job opportunity coming to Germany: Brothel tester.

That’s right:

Website (which translates as “Buying Me”), a social media platform for prostitutes, clients, brothels and companies specializing in the sex industry, is seeking a university-educated man or woman to join the company’s “Quality Team,” told CNBC.

The website’s advert says that the candidate will have to test the service, cleanliness and compliance with safe sex practices in various brothels by taking a proactive approach to their work — that is, by having sex with various women.

The website’s product manager, Ben, who preferred not to give his surname, told CNBC via email that Kaufmich wanted “to establish a quality/rating systems for brothels.”

“Having a brothel in Germany is totally legal but so far there is not a quality system for them in place. We want to be the Tripadvisor for brothels.”


Maybe we should have something similar for lobbyists to rate political officeholders.


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