Netflix, Net Neutrality, and the Faustian Bargain

Netflix got in bed with the Devil and — surprise! — the offspring is unwanted:

[Netflix CFO David] Wells, at least, expressed second thoughts on the Title II issue. On Wednesday, Wells — speaking at the 2015 Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference — said the company wasn’t happy with the FCC move. He said that, while the streaming-video company wanted to see “strong” net neutrality measures to ensure content providers would be protected against ISPs charging arbitrary interconnection fees, Netflix would have preferred a lighter regulatory touch.

“Were we pleased it pushed to Title II? Probably not,” Wells said at the conference. “We were hoping there would be a non-regulated solution.”

Google is backing off, too, apparently surprised by the extent of the FCC’s power grab.

They were warned. Repeatedly. And now we all get to reap what they helped sow.

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