Westboro Will Neither Live Long Nor Prosper



The Westboro Baptist Church had announced plans to picket the funeral of Leonard Nimoy, but now the hate-filled church has been thwarted by funeral planners.

Nimoy died this week, prompting an outpouring of support from across the country, including President Obama. But his death also drew an angry response from the Westboro Baptist Church, the church famous for its anti-gay protests. The group often targets funerals, both of celebrities and of soldiers killed overseas, showing up with signs filled with anti-gay slurs. It had promised to be on site when Nimoy was laid to rest.

But now the Westboro Baptist Church has announced it will not be protesting at Leonard Nimoy’s funeral after planners decided to make the memorial private. The church announced the decision early Sunday on one of its official Twitter handles.

I don’t know and don’t care what Westboro’s beef is with Leonard Nimoy. But I do know that the First Amendment recognizes our right to petition the government to redress out grievances — not to make a nuisance of ourselves at private affairs like funerals.

What is wrong with us that we let them get away with this crap?