A Survivor Speaks

Good lord:

Corrine Rey said she had returned from picking up her young daughter from a kindergarten when she was confronted by two heavily armed men wearing balaclavas.

‘I had gone to pick up my daughter at day care, arriving in front of the magazine building, where two masked and armed men brutally threatened us,’ said Ms Rey, who draws under the name ‘Coco’.

‘They said they wanted to go up to the offices, so I tapped in the code,’ said Ms Rey, referring to the digi-code security system on the inter-phone.

Miss Rey and her daughter hid under a desk, from where they saw two other cartoonists being executed.

‘They shot Wolinski and Cabu,’ she said. ‘It lasted five minutes. I had taken refuge under a desk.


My first reaction to the news was that the terrorist might well be Chechen, given their familiarity with urban terror ops. However, a report I saw earlier (lost link, sorry!) claims their French-Algerian by way of Syria.

Either way, I’m glad this young mother & daughter escaped the carnage.


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