Huckabee: A Real Contender


That’s the depressing conclusion from RCP’s Scott Conroy:

The best case for Huckabee’s viability in 2016 may have more to do more with a stroke of good fortune than it does any of the likely contender’s personal attributes.

The 2016 Republican nominating calendar is shaping up to be Huckabee’s most formidable asset—especially if five southern states follow through with a proposed Super Southern Primary in March 2016.

It all starts in Iowa where the 2008 winner of the first-in-the-nation caucuses currently stands as the early favorite to repeat that triumph.

Huckabee leads the hypothetical GOP field by 6.2 percent in the latest RealClearPolitics average of Iowa polls and has held or shared the lead when included as an option in every public survey conducted in the state this year.

Among Iowa’s influential evangelical electorate, support for Huckabee runs deep.


I held my nose for Romney in 2012, but I’m not sure I could do it again for Huckabee.