Wife, Child of ISIL Leader Arrested in Lebanon


The parameters of warfare keep expanding in unexpected ways:

The country’s defense ministry confirmed to NBC News that al-Baghdadi’s wife and child were detained. Military spokesman Col. Anis Khoury said the army is leading the investigation but declined to offer more details.

The Lebanese daily As-Safir was the first to break the news, saying the two were detained about 10 days ago near a border crossing point with Syria. It said the arrest was in “coordination with foreign intelligence agencies.”

The two were carrying fake identification cards, the Associated Press reported, adding that the woman is being questioned. A DNA test is underway to confirm that the child is her son, AP said.


I doubt the Lebanese government, already under pressure from ISIL, would hesitate to use al-Baghdadi’s wife and child as leverage. But you have to wonder if a killer like al-Baghdadi is susceptible to even that kind of leverage.


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