Lies, Damned Lies, and ♡bamaCare!!!

Jon Gruber was telling the state of Wisconsin that premiums would spike under his pet law, at the exact same time his boss, whose signature adorns the unloved legislation, was promising the average American family would save $2,500 a year. Kelly Riddell has the story:


Jonathan Gruber, the MIT economist currently under fire for suggesting the Obama administration tried to deceive the public about the Affordable Care Act, was hired by former Democratic Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle in 2010 to conduct an analysis on how the federal health-care reform would impact the state.

Mr. Gruber’s study predicted about 90 percent of individuals without employer-sponsored or public insurance would see their premiums spike by an average of 41 percent. Once tax subsidies were factored in, about 60 percent of those in the individual market were projected to see their premiums go up 31 percent, according to his analysis.

The difference between Obama and Gruber is that you will occasionally get the truth out of Gruber.

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