Required Reading

This one would make for an excellent game of Name That Pundit, but go ahead and brace yourself for WaPo’s own Fred Hiatt takedown of the White House’s Russia non-policy:

Each successive Putin outrage takes Western leaders aback: the seizure of Crimea, the brazen insouciance when a jetliner is shot down, the breaking of his word not to recognize the separatists’ “election,” now the soldiers and weaponry pouring across the border in defiance of his promised cease-fire. These actions are not rational, from a Western point of view; they isolate Russia further; they will hurt the Russian economy.

But Putin does not share America’s view of what is rational. Breedlove believes the Russian leader is sending forces into Ukraine to mold his enclave into “a more contiguous, more whole and capable pocket of land in order to then hold on to it long-term.”

Read the whole thing, because Hiatt’s summation of Obama’s delusions, his lack of resolve, and his excuse-mongering is practically Krauthammerian.