The Perils of "Chickensh*t"

Separate Ways

Separate Ways

Israel is making noises about backing off its $3 billion deal to buy a second squadron of F-35s:

Steinitz was not alone in casting doubt on the deal, which would eat Israel’s full $3 billion annual US aid package.

Agricultural Minister Yair Shamir, a former junior general in the air force, and apparently Finance Minister Yair Lapid also reportedly spoke out against deal.

Lapid has called in the past for belt-tightening in the military as part of larger national austerity measures.

Among the arguments against the deal is that the multitude of enemy rockets that could target Israel’s airfields means the country shouldn’t rely too heavily on its combat aircraft.

Ya’alon and Air Force Commander Amir Eshel have both pushed for the deal.

Anyone else question the timing?

You reap what you sow, President Stompy Feet.