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I have a Brilliant Playlist for every possible occasion, activity, or mix of party guests. If putting all of them together and lovingly maintaining them is an obsession, at least it’s an obsession everybody gets to tap their feet to.


Even for housecleaning, you ask? Even for housecleaning.

It’s a special mix of nothing but R&B, funk, disco, and New Wave from the ’70s and ’80s. Nothing from before when Melissa was born, nothing after graduating from high school. Nothing downtempo. Nothing sappy. High energy all the way, baby — that kitchen floor isn’t going to clean itself.

And it seems like every time we go through this, this nearly-forgotten song from a nearly-forgotten band comes on.

The band is Roman Holliday — the early ’80s British act, not the current Seattle alt-rock group with the proper spelling. The song is “Stand By,” and it couldn’t be any bouncier if the band had recorded it high on cocaine and jumping up and down on pogo sticks. Which for all I know, they did. Anyway, it’s a fun little pop number which probably deserved to chart somewhere, but never did.

Just don’t blame me if it keeps you up late, tidying the closets.


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