Your ♡bamaCare!!! Fail of the Day

From yesterday’s comments:

Obamacare is just catastrophic care. A 55-yr old woman in my exercise class got “bronze” coverage for $20 a month (it’s really $500 to everyone else)

She discovered she can’t afford to use it because the co-pays are high and she has to pay the first $6,000 herself in out of pocket cash, which she doesn’t have. That’s why she got the huge subsidy in the first place.

She is happy to pay $20 a month for the insurance card, but she is continuing to get her meds and checkups free at the “Free Clinic”. USA taxpayers get to pay the insurer $480 a month in subsidy for insurance she won’t use unless she has a catastrophe. Lucky deal for the insurer, bad deal for the taxpayers.

Was this purposefully designed to fail?


I dunno — sure looks like a win for her insurer.


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