Required Reading

Cara Ellison adds her two cents to Wednesday’s post about prosecutorial misconduct and the death penalty:

The most chilling execution of a probably innocent man is the case of Carlos Deluna, a Corpus Christi man who was executed for the murder of a convenience store clerk, a murder that another person almost certainly committed. The case will chill you to the bone – both the details of the murder and the sickening arrest, investigation, prosecution, and execution. How could Texas law justice be so sloppy, especially when the stakes were so high? It seemed like almost willful ignorance. They just refused to acknowledge the possibility that they were wrong at any point in the process, and indeed, like in Willingham’s case, the prosecutors made certain that any serious challenges to their case were put down quickly.


Read the whole thing — especially Cara’s reminder that “If you are prosecuted and taken to trial, you have a 6% chance of winning.”

No agent or agency of any government is right 94% of the time.


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