Caliphs Gotta Caliphate


Excuse the rough Google translation, but this story needs more exposure:

We start getting better (or rather unsavory) to get how the caliphate of ISIS will look like in the coming years precise picture. Entire populations must submit to the radical ideology of the club terrorists, religious minorities are persecuted, forced to convert to Islam and / or massacred, and so on. It is a nightmare for people who had, until recently, relatively well organized.

Yet blijkbar can then be assumed until now. Worse Arab media reports namely ISIS now a slave market created where women from religious minorities are traded. A spokesman for the Red Crescent (the Islamic version of the Red Cross) let know. Apparently, Shia, Christian and yazidische women kidnapped, only to be traded. “The organization put dozens of families stuck at the airport of Tal Afar.” The women were separated from the men, and the latter were murdered in cold blood … and the women were taken away.


War on women, indeed.


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