His Inner WHAT???

Suzanne Nossel says the President needs to “find his inner Cold Warrior,” which is like asking me to find my inner Bill W. But that aside, I found her opening graf accurate, but odd. Read:

The more chaotic the world seems, the more nostalgic for the Cold War we become. In April, Secretary of State John Kerry mused that the Cold War era “was easier than it is today — simpler is maybe a way to put it.” How quickly we forget. With its proxy wars, civil wars, and nail-biting crises in Suez, Berlin, and Cuba, the Cold War was hotter and more frightening than some care to remember. If there was anything simple about it, it was the governing logic of deterrence: the idea of projecting power as a way to dissuade others from taking hostile action.

She’s absolutely right about the perils and pitfalls of the Cold War — it’s John Kerry who doesn’t remember his history. This shouldn’t surprise you, because Democrats like to claim — after the fact — that we won the Cold War because as a nation we stood united, or similar claptrap. The fact is that after 1968, very few national Democrats were interested in national security in any serious way. Gary Hart comes to mind, as does Sam Nunn. Pat Moynihan stood strong, too.

The rest of them dithered at best (Jimmy Carter), and worked actively to undermine our position at worst (Ted Kennedy). I probably don’t have to remind you that Kerry was part of the Kennedy camp.

Obama is arguably even worse — no, wait… there’s not even any room for argument. He has done more to weaken this country, from within and without, than any president since James Buchanan, and maybe more so. That makes Vietnam War medal-thrower John Kerry his perfect Secretary of State, and his ideal history-mangler, too.