Your ♡bamaCare!!! Fail of the Day

The New York Times is afraid employers might “dump” workers into the ♡bamaCare!!! exchanges, which prompted a little something from James Taranto:

Now all of a sudden the exchanges are a garbage dump? Or is it that the exchanges are a pristine wilderness into which workers are the garbage being dumped?

The Times quotes Obama at a February press conference: “I don’t think that an employer-based system is going to be, or should be, replaced anytime soon,” he said when a reporter asked “whether over the long term you see a future where health insurance is less tied to the workplace.”

You can see why the president would take that position. If employers start dropping medical benefits, the number of people directly victimized by the you-can-keep-your-plan fraud would multiply, and with it Obama and the Democrats’ political problems. Thus the administration is in the ironic position of writing regulations to make sure its “comprehensive reform” isn’t too comprehensive.


At first glance you might think the President is merely trying to protect himself from the consequences of his craptaculent law, and I suppose there is some truth to that. But the deeper truth is that bad law is good politics, in the sense that it allows the executive to pick even more winners and losers through the extension of delays, bailouts, waivers, etc.

What — you think the IRS won’t play favorites?


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