Reich On


The Democrats are officially unhinged. First there was Howard Dean’s assertion that Republicans “aren’t Americans” and ought to “go to Russia where they belong.” Now this, courtesy of Jeff Goldstein who says he sees a “fifth reich”:


I say “fifth” because the Arab world, who notoriously have followed the tactics and rhetoric of the Nazis in their war against Jews, is the fourth reich. Whereas the fifth seems to be coalescing here in the US — not so much among the Klan or neo-Nazi groups, whose reach is minimal and whose tactics are often boorish; but rather among the left and higher ups in the Democratic Party leadership, who — in addition to actively courting groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, routinely condemning Israel as an “apartheid” state, and with the help of the media burying a tape of the President lavishing praise on Edward Said and his pal Khalidi, a PLO mouthpiece — have now taken to using imagery very much reminiscent of the anti-Semitic imagery so favored by the Nazis.

Reid and Pelosi are showing “The Koch Brothers Exposed” in the Capitol Building, in violation of the law. Doug Ross has more on that, and I hope I haven’t ruined your breakfast.


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