Your ♡bamaCare!!! WIN of the Day!

That’s right — a big fat win for big (and fatter!) insurance companies:

Obamacare functions only if big insurance companies are willing to play ball with big government. Those driven by the profit motive must be won over by those driven by the power motive.

Money, however, is no object, since the bill for securing this alliance is sent to taxpayers. According to the latest Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates, more than $1 trillion will be funneled over the next decade from everyday Americans, through the IRS, to insurance companies. Less than 2 percent of that sum—$17 billion—will be paid out in 2014. But by 2018, taxpayers’ money will be flowing to health insurers at a rate of more than $100 billion a year and rising.

When the Clintons failed to get HillarCare passed into law 20 years ago, opposition from Big Insurance went a long way to securing that defeat. Remember those crazy-effective “Harry and Louise” ads? Paid for by Big Insurance.

So the vile progs got smart and brought — or perhaps I should say “bought” — Big Insurance on board from the start. As I’ve written here before, it didn’t take a negotiating genius to bring the insurers on board. All it took was the promise of higher premiums and lower payouts, along with generous corporate subsidies just in case the insurers couldn’t manage to get by on doing less with more.

We’ll be doing more with less, while being chided by the Democrat-Media Complex for our greediness.