Required Reading

We already played Name That Pundit today, but here’s a Frank Bruni piece headlined “America the Shrunken” in today’s NYT:

NOT long ago I asked a good friend of mine — one of the smartest men I know, and one of the most devoted dads — if he thought that his children would live in a more prosperous America or at least enjoy the same bounty of opportunities that we had.

His response was instant and unequivocal. No.

“How do you make peace with that?” I said.

He shrugged, laughed bitterly and answered, “I’m hoping to leave them a lot of money.”

The American dream, 2014 edition: Squirrel away nuts for a leaner tomorrow. The worst is yet to come, so insure yourself against it if you’re among the lucky few who can.


Call them “New York Preppers.” Out in the heartland, we squirrel away food and ammo, but the idea is the same.