Mac Limbo


Tech bleg time.

As it approaches its fifth birthday my beloved Mac Pro is developing certain eccentricities, and I’m not sure such an old machine is worth repairing.


The problem is a new Mac Pro is likely overkill with its dual GPUs I’d never properly make use of, and there’s no six-core i7 Haswell CPU for an iMac or even a Hackintosh. I’d really like to be able to throw a couple extra cores at my video rips, but Intel just isn’t cooperating with my needs. It also seems foolish to buy a new iMac before Apple introduces a Retina or 4K model in the next year or two.

What’s the smart move here? Wait and see if Intel produces a six- or eight-core i7, splurge on the new Pro, or just wait until the old Pro becomes such a nuisance that I have to finally do something?


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