Sign "O" the Times

This is even more depressing than my Monday column was:

A new survey of press freedom around the world finds the United States has plunged 13 spots, now ranking just 46th among 180 countries. The annual survey by Reporters Without Borders also says Syria is the most dangerous country for journalists, showing a correlation between conflict zones and a low level of press freedom. Other countries that fell lower than in the previous year’s survey include the civil-war-torn Central African Republic, down 43 spots to 109, and Guatemala, where four journalists were killed last year alone. This comes as the United Nations General Assembly recently adopted its first resolution on the safety of journalists. The group has now called on the United Nations to monitor how member states meet their obligations to protect reporters.


“Congress shall make no law…” is how the First Amendment, detailing our press freedoms begins.

But we have a bullying President and a meddling Congress and a pushover Supreme Court and an increasingly supine populace. Had our actual media been willing do stand up and do its job, rather than play footsie with its destroyers, we would be where we should be — at Number One on any chart.


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