Karzai to Release "Dangerous" Prisoners



The U.S. military is condemning a decision by the Afghan government to proceed with plans to release dozens of detainees considered a security threat by the United States.

U.S. forces in Afghanistan on Tuesday released a statement warning that the release of 88 detainees from the Parwan Detention Facility would be a “major step backward for the rule of law in Afghanistan.”

“Some previously-released individuals have already returned to the fight, and this subsequent release will allow dangerous insurgents back into Afghan cities and villages,” the statement read.


You’ll notice that’s a military statement and not from the White House. Professor Wiggleroom has no standing left in the Middle East I can think of, with the Iran protecting Syria (with a Russian assist) and Russia protecting Iran. Our sway is nearly lost in Iraq (minus weapons sales) and fading in Afghanistan. Turkey is just a mess, by treaty still a part of NATO but operationally out in left field. The Saudis and Israelis are cooperating out of necessity. The cooperation is fine; the necessity of it is troubling.

President Bush is partly to blame, for letting Iran wage virtual war on us in Iraq and for allowing Iraq to fall into near-civil war before finally ordering the surge. The rest of the mess is wholly-owned by the Wiggleroom Administration.


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