One of the Best Things Ever Said By Anyone Anywhere

I have no idea who Reverend Michael Faulkner is, and I’m afraid to look him up because I don’t want to learn anything which might dilute the pure awesomeness of what he said the other day to Greta Van Susteren:


He is the President of these United States of America, black, white, whatever. We elected him and twice. So he has got a job to do, black, white, whatever. And, sure, there are some people that don’t like him because is he black and there are some people that are going to give him the benefit of the doubt because is he black. So what? Do your job, Mr. President. We elected you to do a job.

We didn’t elect you because you were black. We elected you because the majority of Americans believed that the content of your character was beyond the color of your skin. Now for you to bring up skin color in this day and age. I have been black all my life and I have been dealing with it all my life. We do that. That is what we do. We have to be comfortable in who we are. Not saying that the comments said that Mr. Obama is not comfortable in who he is, however he is the president of the United States. I don’t expect the president to say those things or to at least say them out loud so people can hear them. He is the president. He has got a job to do.



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