A Skeptical Court Is a Good Court


You’ve got to like the sound of this:

A majority of U.S. Supreme Court justices signaled willingness on Monday to rule against the administration of President Barack Obama over his attempt to appoint members of the National Labor Relations Board without Senate approval, raising the possibility of a decision that could limit presidential appointment power.

It was not clear how broadly the court will rule, but questions from the nine justices in a 90-minute oral argument indicated that the bottling company that is contesting an adverse ruling from the labor board was likely to win in its attempt to challenge appointees to the NLRB made in January 2012.


Professor Wiggleroom has behaved all-too-often as though the Constitution is a mere inconvenience to be swept aside, ignore, trampled, spindle, or mutilate on the road to… whatever kind of bastage social democracy soft fascism thing it is he has in mind.

This rebuke if it comes is small, and it’s late — but it’s something.


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