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Brady Creemens on Common Core vs School Choice:

While K-12 public (read: tax-supported) education options have been prevalent in America since George Washington and the boys won the Revolutionary War, the creation of the Department of Education in 1953 (though under a different name at the time) marked the point of diminishing returns. The quality of education in America’s public schools has managed to steadily decline, by most any measurable metric, despite billions of federal and state dollars and mountains of regulations and standardized requirements being thrown at it over the last 60 years. Studies upon studies have shown that American students are only middling internationally, and they’re becoming less competitive with every passing year.

To put it succinctly, American public education has jumped the shark.


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We haven’t reached a point of diminishing returns on public education. We’ve reached the point where every additional Federal dollar actually makes things worse. As I’ve said before (and will say again), in the modern administrative state, once you take the Danegeld, you’ll never be rid of the Dane.


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